About Us

We are a Massachusetts based company that introduces new natural and herbal products for daily skin and body care and provide novel solutions for some of the unmet needs. When we develop a new product, our focus is at only one pinpoint: You, the user. We bring new and novel natural products that are effective, safe to use, cosmetically elegant, and cost-effective. We take holistic approach in making all-natural formula utilizing Mother Nature’s innovation.

We carefully select our formulation ingredients so that we can bring highly effective products for all members in your family irrespective of their age or gender. We select our vendors after carefully reviewing the quality on each ingredient and component of our products. All our products are made in the USA only, but our ingredients originate from the USA and/or different parts of the world. Those ingredients come with the history of use by the people for thousands of years. So that we have high level of confidence on the safety and efficacy of those ingredients. They are the backbone of the ancient knowledge on personal/healthcare that originated from Indian subcontinent (e.g. Ayurveda), Europe, Africa, and America and other parts of the world. Our innovative formulation and manufacturing technologies bring these ingredients to their highest potency and efficacy so that you have the products that you can trust.                     

Our journey started in May 2017, when our Founder, Dr. Pinaki R Majhi, quit his great job to pursue his dream to become entrepreneur and providing the best personal care solution to the people around the world.   Dr. Majhi, father of a wonderful teen-age boy, has 24 years of combined academic and industrial experience in working with leading academic research institutes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care industries, and developing 130+ industry leading products (LinkedIn). He was born and raised in India and got his training and work experiences in several world-famous institutions here in US, Germany, and India. All those experiences gave him a unique opportunity to nourish his entrepreneur mind, leveraging his formulation experience and knowledge on plant-based and natural ingredients, finally to provide the best solutions to some of the unmet needs in the associated industries.

Dr. Majhi and his superb and dedicated team members started Mona Brands’ journey with all- natural aluminum-free deodorants. Team Mona Brands is poised to address the unmet needs in different areas of skin and body care, and finally to make people’s lives happier and healthier.

Know our story from Dr. Majhi, our FORMULATOR and FOUNDER