Dissection of Natural Deodorants: Why Mona Brands?


Sweating is a phenomenon needed for our body to function. But it is bothersome when we smell bad and have to be next to others at home or outside. Grabbing a deodorant or perfume may not always be the best solution. Perfumes only partially work, and they are a temporary solution. Some deodorants have a questionable safety profile and, most importantly, applying certain chemicals on our body could have serious side effects.

So, what’s the solution then? It is again MOTHER NATURE who gave us the solution - natural deodorizing plants, herbs, and minerals!

Natural Ingredients

The next question would be - what would be the best way to apply those ingredients on our body? How can we be sure that too little of those ingredients will work? Or if too much of those ingredients will not bring new issues, such as skin irritation? Improper formulation may disturb the pH balance of the skin.  An innovative formula with those ingredients maximizes the efficacy of a great product while reducing or eliminating the safety and other concerns. MONA Brands’ innovation in research and development bring the mother nature’s innovations to you so that you have the best solutions for your needs.

Preserving a product with a harmful chemical preservative should not be the practice or an option. While many natural formulas require additional preservation, certain unique formulation compositions may not need harmful or additional preservatives. We have leveraged mother nature’s innovation. We chose natural ingredients that not only help the preservation of the product on shelves, but they also help make your skin healthy and beautiful. Our unique formulation approach and careful ingredient selection minimize the need for any additional preservatives.


In a product, not all ingredients have the same role or the need to be added. We carefully select our ingredients so that they have a purpose in making an ideal product. Our formulations are developed by selecting mainly those ingredients that have dual or even more roles. They not only deliver the main benefits of the product but also make your skin healthier and beautiful. Not to mention, the ingredients that we have chosen for deodorants are all-natural and free from aluminum, sulfates, propylene glycol, parabens, and harsh chemicals.

An effective deodorant formula should not require many applications over the course of a day. One of the best features of our deodorant formulas is their longevity - which you would need to be ready for day-long activities, extensive workout, overnight travel or after-office social gathering.

If you are one of those, who want not only to get rid of bad odor but to smell good in a natural and safer way, then our naturally scented deodorants will be your solution. People love natural scents in our product!  On the other hand, if you just want to avoid bad odor in a natural way without any extra scents, then our unscented deodorants could be the ideal candidate for you.

Ease of use & Skin type

Other product features - for example, convenient packaging, ease of application, and being easy to carry during travel - are something we always look for in a good product. Especially when we use a product for an extended period of time, or we take them during travel. Our regular and travel size sticks or jars have taken care of those sought after features.

Skin type and sensitivity to certain ingredients vary from person to person. Our Sensitive and Essence versions of deodorants are suitable for women, men, and even kids.

Try them out!

Finally, if you are looking for a non-GMO and Vegan deodorant - we have good news for you. Our deodorants are non-GMO and most of our deodorants are Vegan too.

Mona Brands products have addressed all of the above. Try them out!


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  • Jayanta Neogi

    Thanks for the effort to bring these excellent natural products.

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