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I have now had a chance to use both the orange and the rose deodorants by Mona Brands. I have been impressed by their performance and the unique perfumes. Given my lingering concern with use of aluminum oxide, this is a welcome shift where efficacy is not compromised and all natural ingredients are used. It is better for me, better for the environment, better for all. A very good product!"

Amar S.

I can not tell you how much I like Mona Products!  Not only do they work and smell so fresh, they leave my skin feeling moisturized and soft! I always feel so dry with other products, it is refreshing to finally have a product available that meets all of my needs!

I also feel Mona Products are wonderful for men, if you or your husband have sweaty damp feet, this product will help.  Foot products typically dry the feet and skin out making them uncomfortable, Mona Products will remove the odor and keep the moisture in.  Mona Products work and help avoid embarrassing moments!!"

Erika D.

This is great. Period. I have used this now for 6 months and don't use any other deodorants anymore. I also have got this for my 8 year old; safe for kids too! This is going in the gift bag for family this holiday season."

Dinesh M.

MONA’s all natural deodorant is an excellent product that really works! It has a light and dry texture that feels and smells great. It lasts throughout the day and stands up to hours of physical activity. I will definitely continue to use this product – Thanks!"

Peter H.

I highly recommend Mona's Zinc Oxide deodorant. It's very effective, has a pleasant smell (that lasts) and I've noticed that my shirts and undershirts to stain as much as they used to. I have to wear white shirts for my job and my work can be stressful at times, so staing has been a problem for me."


After years of using deodorants with aluminum, I started developing horrible rashes in my armpits even after switching brands. I spoke with my doctor and it was determined that it was due to the aluminum found in many of the brands I used. It was suggested that I switch to an all natural deodorant. I tried a few all-natural brands but did not find one that worked well until I tried MONA. Only one application is needed in the morning and I stay fresh for the full day. I've tried a few of the scents but always come back to my favorite smell - orange. Make sure you hold it to your skin for two seconds before applying! It's an easy additional step and well worth it."

Patrick C.

I’ve been using this product for about 2 months. I work out every morning and this deodorant keeps me dry and odor free with no stains on my cloths. The lavender scent stays with me all day. I like that it is made with clean ingredients and no strange chemical on my body. Thanks Mona Brands"

Louise Z.

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