MONA Brands is a personal care company, dedicated to providing clean, all-natural products. We use plant-based ingredients that are effective at fighting body odor. Our mission is: Self, Safe, and Sustainable. By using our products, we hope to improve one’s self with safe ingredients that have a positive environmental impact.

Mother Nature (MONA) is an integral part of our brand and the main inspiration behind our mission. With our products, we strive to build a connection between nature and our customers.

MONA BRANDS : Our Values : Self, Safe, and Sustainable

The story for MONA Brands began in 2017 when our founder, Dr. Pinaki R. Majhi, introduced an innovative approach to personal care products. Using the knowledge he acquired from 25 years of working in pharmaceutical research and development, Dr. Majhi created products from ingredients that can only be found in nature, while also eliminating the filler chemicals that typical deodorants use. Aside from product development, Dr. Majhi started MONA brands to educate his community on the importance of using products with safe and clean ingredients.

Along with founding MONA Brands, Dr. Majhi is a community leader. His additional interest in robotics led him to guide children in the subject. He enjoys volunteering at robotics competitions in Massachusetts. He also loves playing volleyball and cricket with his family and friends.

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