Story of Mona Brands

The dream started with Dr. Pinaki Majhi after working in the chemistry field for over 24 years. His experience opened him up to the world of cosmetics and he made it his mission to launch a company with one goal in mind; natural products. In 2017, he founded MONA Brands and was able to fulfill his dream of giving the public products that are efficient but more importantly, safe. 

On my first day, he questioned what type of deodorant I wore. After listing off ingredients that I didn't even know how to pronounce, he goes "we're making safer products for you". Since that day, I've been so cautious about what goes into my body. I've really stressed the importance to my friends and family about these harsh chemicals we intake every day. We wouldn't eat aluminum so why wouldn't we think twice about putting it on our underarm? 

It is so important that we understand what goes into our bodies. At Mona Brands, we use all-natural ingredients that are good for you. With us, you don't have to think twice about harsh chemicals leaving unpleasant rashes on your skin. 

Be with Mother Nature, cherish your skin!

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