MONA Brands Ensures pH Balanced Products

It's the question that everyone is asking, "How does MONA Brands Deodorant work?" It is a healthy alternative to other deodorant products that use harsh ingredients, such as parabens, aluminum, artificial fragrance, etc. I am sure this information is not new. What sets Mona Brands Deodorant aside from other companies is our tested pH balance. 

pH levels can range from 0-14 where a low pH indicates a high level of acidity and a high pH indicated a low level of acidity, making it alkaline or basic. Overall, the pH of our skin is around 5.5, which is slightly acidic. Our body forms an acidic layer naturally, called acid mantle. The pH around the armpit may vary from 5.5 to 6.5. Mona Brands tests the pH level of each product to ensure a safe level for every consumer. Skin irritation can cause if a deodorant is used that changes the pH balance of your skin. For example, if you use a deodorant that is too acidic or alkaline your skin will most likely become irritated. 

You do not have to choose between having pH balanced deodorant or smelling fresh all day. Mona Brands is the place to shop for both of those. Our plant-based mineral oils keep the pH levels safe while allowing you to enjoy your day smelling fresh.

Be with Mother Nature, cherish your skin!




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