How to Create a Hygiene Routine for Your Kids

All parents want to give their kids the tools they need to be capable and independent. One of the most important lessons we can impart on our kids is how to take care of themselves. That’s why helping your kids create a hygiene routine they can use to keep themselves clean is a great life lesson to give them. We’ve simplified the process of establishing a hygiene routine for your kids with these easy to follow tips. 

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key when trying to come up with any routine. The steps should be easy to remember and to follow. The end goal is that your child should be able to do this routine by themselves without your assistance. One way to make it simple is to keep it to 3 easy steps, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too many. 

Set a regular schedule

Kids thrive when they have a consistent schedule and it helps them learn. One routine you can start with is a nighttime routine before going to bed. Try to start the routine at the same time every night with the same steps. 

Integrate easy to use products into the routine

Even though you will be helping your child when you start teaching them their routine, they should be able to do the routine by themselves. Using products that are fun and easy to use will encourage your kids to stick to the routine. 

For a deodorant, try the MONA Brands kids deodorant that are specifically designed for kids’ sensitive skin. Our kids deodorant does not have baking soda or aluminum which are typically found in deodorants and can cause irritation to young skin. 

Make it fun   

The most important part of establishing a routine for your kids is to make it something they look forward to doing. One way you can make the routine fun is to play some music while you do the routine. You can also have bathroom items like toothbrushes or stools in fun shapes and colors that your kids will be excited to use.

Be sure to check out our kid safe products that you can incorporate into your kid’s routine!

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